Buying a Clue

Buying a clue

Well, replaying the conversation with the docs in my head, and finally coming to grips with this idea: This or these organisms will be part of my body for the rest of my life. They are training me to attend to my symptoms and find and use the correct protocol for that moment, for me.

Aha. Well. Goodbye to the word “cure.” Hello to life with an infectious autoimmune disease. I mean, this has been the case, of course. I’m just finally buying a clue.


The pen and ink work is getting kind of different, weird, harsh. I rather like it. But I have another more typical brush pen piece buried somewhere in my luggage. I followed Docs’ order, and headed to sunshine for the winter. It does make a difference. Something generations of people with testy ligaments and joints have known for years. I just never quite got that. I thought it was more of a social thing.

Anyway. Here I am. Getting it. And a bit confused about what to do next.How to record the recipes. A new way to keep track when my brain can’t really remember… I need to leave clues, a breadcrumb trail…


2 thoughts on “Buying a Clue

  1. Ah Julie – at home (not in the sunshine) waiting for the all clear on my re-occuring autoimmune (Iritis) – how true it is. And we do get good at sensing what’s “coming on”, a new flare, an flare on the way out again. We can do this. We can survive. We can delight. We can get where the sun is 🙂

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