Acknowledgements by jujuridl
Acknowledgements, a photo by jujuridl on Flickr.

The very end of the book.

We Lymies, when we tell our stories, always end with the cheery-uppy admonition to “check for ticks!.” To break the gloom.

As if checking for ticks would have made a difference in our cases. I don’t remember the tick that bit me. I remember a hickey on my breast.

My online friend doesn’t remember the one or several ticks on her scalp. Sure, remembers pulling a few off, and dozens and dozens off her cat and dog, the guts rubbing into the many cuts she made hulling strawberries.

The nymphs of these ticks, too little to see, the adults, like sesame seeds.

I realize now that I have drawn these tick legs all wrong. Made this bug look more like a beetle. The back legs should be up near the front. But the body is right. It’s body is a vessel. The real ones give a visceral rage to lymies.

I used to be in publishing, and then in marketing, and so I have magnifying loupes around the house.

After diagnosis, when I’d take a tick off my dog or cat, I would trap it under the loupe, take its picture. Or try to. I used my grandfather’s magnifying glass to study them. I still can’t believe an otherwise beautiful insect (I like bugs) could cause so much harm. As opposed to, say, an undecidedly creepy mosquito.

But that’s the case. And my case. And the end of my story for The Sketchbook Project. This is sketchbook (#S96581).

Learn about the project at, headquartered at the Brooklyn Art Library, where already one person has checked out this book, which sits alongside amazing art by amazing artists.

And if you’re near Brooklyn or any of the tour sites:, make some time to take a peek at some of those books, will you? You won’t be sorry, and maybe will be inspired to pick up a pencil or pen or some paint to tell your stories.

Thanks for looking.


4 thoughts on “Acknowledgements

  1. Bravo! Great work with a message…………….best of everything to you and all of us who soldier on thru this hideous nightmare! Love & healing thoughts.

    • Hey Lisa,

      Thanks, and thanks for sticking with it. It was hard not to go on and on on those pages. So much of the script left on the cutting room floor. Which is why the blog, I guess. Exactly what art should not need! Oh well. Back to the cartoons, I think. I sort of miss black-and-white. Finally replaced my scanner, so this is possible!!

  2. Julie
    I’m at a loss for the right words. You’re writing about this journey (hideous is a great word) has me rethinking what living in the woods means. I’ve spent very little time worrying about ticks….that will change from now on.
    It’s been ages since we’ve seen each other…..sending big hugs and sunny, pain free days for you. Jane Rohlck

    • Hey there Jane! Well the point of writing about it is just that, to make people more aware of the pandemic, and to help people understand that people with Lyme suffer more than swollen knees. The disease is not rare, and for many is not easy to treat. My case is not nearly as bad as some of the people who will see this sketchbook or read this blog. Not nearly. Or at least, not yet. And then I think of the young girls/women who lived down the street from me who are dealing with this disease, who will have great chunks of their lives missed because of it, and that’s what scares me. How much of a contribution those two brilliant kids could have made by now, if they weren’t writhing in their beds, with their heads on fire, or sitting in class, unable to take in what they are hearing, despite being brilliant kids. Cases like this are not uncommon. The cost to the country is redoubled and geometrical. Awakening. We need an awakening. Thanks for checking in. Today is sunny, and my meds are mostly working, and that makes a good day. Hope you’re healthy and happy too!

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