23 Years In Love

23 Years In Love by jujuridl
23 Years In Love, a photo by jujuridl on Flickr.

I probably shouldn’t share this during prime time, because the scene is not for young viewers, but I doubt I have any young viewers, actually.

Or maybe the message is good for young viewers and old alike, which is: no matter how beautiful the setting, DON’T GET NAKED IN THE WOODS!!!

I’ll amend that. getting completely naked on the beach near the woods is probably fine.

But partially naked while standing in tall grasses and against a tree, is completely out of the question, especially if you get exhausted and fall asleep in your tick-infested clothes.

Or I’ll amend that. One tick, in my bra. When my immune system was tanked after helping to care for my dying mother.

(Lack of sleep and grief really do tank your immune system, it turns out.)

(Having a functioning immune system is rather a good thing, it turns out.)

So naturally the little circle I saw, I assumed, was a hickey. A playful little hickey. Cheeky husband. I saw it then forgot all about it.


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