Doctors Disagreements

Doctors Disagreements by jujuridl
Doctors Disagreements, a photo by jujuridl on Flickr.

So many treatments for Lyme. I hear about a new one, on average, every couple of weeks. There are ones well known, most of those listed here, and some not well known, and some that are very expensive, and some downright dangerous.

That patients are struggling to find something that they can do, something they can afford, and all without the benefit of a medical education, shows us where our doctors are.

They are in a stubborn state of heeling in behind their own protocols. Research (what there is) be damned.

So we wander, trying things. One doctor I trust a lot points out that Chinese Medicine has better success with infectious diseases than we do. Probably because they focus on treating the immune system. They are certainly better at treating Syphilis, Lyme’s second cousin twice removed. This is my backup therapy for when I’m closer to remission. For when the ripping headaches are under control.

A am a lucky one. Most people are not so lucky. They are still out there in the desert, wandering toward mirages, sometimes finding some relief. Sometimes getting sicker from the treatment.

This will be solved. Not in my lifespan.


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