Here’s The Thing About Lyme

Okay, in the book, this is the first time the word Lyme is mentioned, and only to make the point that the word itself is confusing.

The L word confuses everybody — patients, doctors, caregivers, everybody, because we have preached widely and calmed the fear of a raging epidemic by teaching that Lyme is a simple illness that causes maybe swollen knees, is inconvenient, but easily cured.

But the truth about tick-borne illnesses, is that they don’t always travel alone. They hit and confuse and evade immune systems that may be healthy, may be already challenged, or in my case, weakend by grief and stress.

My doctor calls my disease by the result, probably to help me avoid the knee-jerk responses I get when I have to see another practitioner and call what I have Lyme.

Yes, I’m likely still infected with the spirochetal pathogen we call Lyme. But we’re working harder first to get rid of the dangerous Babesia and possible bartonella strains that came on board.

If you are looking a this on a laptop, well once again, sorry for the upside down. I’m rather happy with the little ship sailing into the maw of a spirochetal sea serpent.

This looks much better on a tablet with it’s viewing aspect locked, so you can spin it. Another ride that feels the way it feels.


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