Killing Bacteria is Messy

Killing Bacteria is Messy by jujuridl
Killing Bacteria is Messy, a photo by jujuridl on Flickr.

Right, then! Here is the first spread of Sketchbook 2013. It’s a completed work, and I’ll try to load one spread per day, unless illness or getting wellness gets in the way somehow.

What do I have to say about this spread? It’s probably hard to read on your computer, so I encourage you to click on it, taking you over to Flickr, where, actually, the whole book is now loaded.

This page is SUPPOSED to make you feel dizzy and lost. So don’t worry if you do. That’s the experiential portion of the exercise.

Also the tub, home to many of us, because it somehow turns off neuropathic pain a bit.

What I notice is the diminishment of my drawing as the jerking of my hands makes fine work more difficult. My handwriting is crazy these days.

A new line. That’s all. A new kind of line.

So, spread one. See you tomorrow.


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