Untitled by jujuridl
Untitled, a photo by jujuridl on Flickr.

Made it about 8 ft onto a beach this summer. Sand in cane is testimony. All the people were walking the way I do!

Setbacks. Port clogged. New one coming. New drugs too. Word-finding, slurring, little jerks and new leg and feet neuropathies are my summer harvest. Oh! And a walker! And husband says no driving for now.

But! Art therapy has been happening. A project without Nebby or Chachky, who I’ve been missing… For the Sketchbook Project, at www.arthousecoop.com. For those of us faltering in steps and mind, maybe a way to get more patient stories out there. Photos coming.

Sorry no scans. Scanner died on move to new house when we learned of broken spigot pipe AFTER setting up studio. Took out printer too. Haven’t had time to shop for good decent used scanner, flatbed, no Multi function things, please. If you have a lead, toss it in the comments will you?

I hoping you are experiencing hope, we-being, love, and time to still your mind so you can notice all of that. I’m trying, but I’m such a pushy bitch, it’s hard work.


3 thoughts on “Feets

      • I am on the Lyme rollercoaster , but it’s better than it’s been–my biggest problem has always been Satanic facial pain, but with a combination of treatments(Low Dose Naltrexone, hormones, allergy, B12 and yet another round of Doxy/Flagyl) I’m able to have some better days. Humor, art, doggies, chipmunks, sunny days and finding those mmagic moments in the day make it all bearable….xoxoxo

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