Creek dwelling 1968

Creek dwelling 1968 by jujuridl
Creek dwelling 1968, a photo by jujuridl on Flickr.

Two Lyme Docs have theorized now that my body had beed carrying insect-borne infections before the bite that brought me down in 2007. Our immune systems can generally fight off these infections, over and over, but if you are repeatedly exposed, stuck with some big health crisis that includes a major infection, are run down by stress or grief, or perhaps genetically designed to fall prey to these pathogens, then you can get sick and stay sick.

But meanwhile my sister has me drawing from memory which today took me to the creek by our house where we practically lived when we were kids. Down the stream was a beautiful orchard, and beyond that, a rocky beach where I learned to swim. Healthy body days. Nice.


4 thoughts on “Creek dwelling 1968

  1. This memory of the creek brought me back to sitting under huge old trees and creating cities with sticks and leaves among the roots that twined on top of the ground. It was good to do those things on hot days. The joys of being a child with the admonition, go outside and play….

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