Somehow Not Here?

Michigan by jujuridl
Michigan, a photo by jujuridl on Flickr.

Yesterday I heard yet another story of another local emergency room doc who insisted to the tick-bitten patient that we don’t have Lyme Disease here. Our own public health office would beg to differ.

Biologists would beg to differ too. These little critters are moving on the backs of birds, rodents, even reptiles.

The truth is out there, folks.

We can’t keep our heads in the beautiful Michigan beach sand forever, or risk losing a generation to this awful disease. Now, how to educate our doctors? The Michigan Lyme Disease Association is putting together packets for docs of various specialties. Contact them to offer your support!


One thought on “Somehow Not Here?

  1. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for keeping us informed. Fortunately, our family dr. here in SB acknowledges that
    the ticks are in this area….and he is happy to run a test for me when I ask, because of the gardening that is constant. Vigilance is definitely a smart approach to trying to avoid this disease! Your art work continues to leave its strong message, too.
    THANKS for caring enough to keep us up on it all! Carry on, dear friend!

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