But do they read The Times?

But do they read The Times? by jujuridl
But do they read The Times?, a photo by jujuridl on Flickr.

Long time no post. Sorry gang. We made the big move to a smaller, paid-for house. Another acknowledgement of diminished capability… But a paid-for house is a lot less stressful than one partially owned by a bank. Banks are skittish creatures these days. (I think I’d rather have Lyme Disease than be a bank.)

So, well, I had another few weeks pain-free on meds designed to go after bartonella. That gave me hope. Unfortunately those meds put a stop to my standing up without fainting and to peristalsis.

Trust me, you want peristalsis. It’s a good thing.

So I took a break from meds for a while. While we moved. Hard to move while pushing an IV pump around.

And the symptoms have crept back. Not as bad as when I started treatment for infections, but the body pain is nasty and head pain is heading in the wrong direction. I stiffen as if turning to stone around 4:30, 5p.m., and wander the house to keep moving until bed time, which gets earlier every day.

And now I have to decide again. Go Western medicine? Go Eastern? Sit still and hope my immune system will recover al by itself and clean this stuff up?

And realizing, as I paw through notes and journals from past two years of treatment, that I’ve forgotten everything I tried to learn. Really have little to no memory of the past year.

It feels as if I stepped off the path in a thick, Appalachian forest. I know the path is nearby, but I’m walking in circles trying to find it…


3 thoughts on “But do they read The Times?

  1. J. — I know we don’t know each other very well, but I have read your struggles with this disease with interest and admiration for your level-headed approach. I just wanted to send you a sympathetic note — I have a much tinier struggle with Crohn’s, but can truly empathize with the helpless feeling of pain. I salute your willingness to share and your eloquent style. There is a naturopath practicing in Grand Rapids now on Fulton St. at Elder and Sage herbal. I haven’t had much interaction with her, but some teas she suggested seemed to help me. Again, I haven’t really consulted her, but thought I would just pass it on. Hang on, and I hope your iSystem reboots.
    Julie Stivers

  2. The Eastern path worked for me. If I can help you get back on it somehow, please just yell. I would be honored to schlep you around if you want to try again with the folks out here.

  3. Sorry to hear that you’re struggling. As far as Eastern/Western, I’ve done both and benefitted from both, although Western seems to give me more relief. Two months ago, my doc added Low Dose Naltrexone which has been the single best thing to happen to me in the last several years. It has addressed the hideous facial pain I now have to deal with better than anything else and in general, I seem to be better. (I should add, that at 54, I have also added bio-identical hormones and am now treating my various air-borne allergies.) All these things together are helping immensely….don’t know if the last two apply in your case, but if you haven’t tried, I recommend the Low dose Naltrexone……..be well. Lisa

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