Squeeze by jujuridl
Squeeze, a photo by jujuridl on Flickr.

Sorry, it’s been awhile. I’ve been drawing. But I’ve also experienced a system crash. I’m on a new machine, new apps, and new software for my hateful scanner. You get the idea. Learning curves with several blind traps.

Anyway, I’ve scanned something. And if my faltering brain can remember what I’ve learned, then I’ll be able to scan again without weeks of relearning. Fingers crossed. Creek don’t rise.

Docs are moving me from a focus on Babesia treatment to a focus on Bartonella. Headaches have reduced to just the symptoms shown here. During the cycle when I would normally have a blowout headache, I now just have a sensation of being squeezed from the neck and jaws. This accompanied by a weird tympannic sensation in my ears and soft pulsing of light behind my eyes, of course in time with my heart beats. The stuff that used to come before a headache.

But then, instead of revving up into a splitting headache, it just stops.

The image is what I hope would happen. That the squeezing sensation would just squeeze those spirokitties right out of my head.

I’m working with a fabulous physical therapist now, and working at patience as I recover from all that time in bed. Bed time is bad time. Takes a person down fast. Makes coming back up again real, real slow.

Props to my docs who have gotten me out of bed. I know I have a long way to go, but it’s got to go faster on my feet. Speaking of feet…. OW.


One thought on “Squeeze

  1. Brilliant! This exactly depicts what’s going on in my head as well as my face. I often describe the pain as “demonic” Satanic” “otherwordly” and this says it all. Thanks.

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