Buried by jujuridl
Buried, a photo by jujuridl on Flickr.

My first commission! Well, sort of commission. This piece was conceived, designed, and modeled by Pete, a young Lymie from North Carolina, whose life and career have been put on hold while he battles this mean disease.

Quite one thing for me, in my lucky life, in late middle age, to be battling this disease. But when it takes young people out of society and pins them down in their beds when they should be at their energetic height…. Oh it makes me mad.

Because this Harvard-grad, soccer-playing, management consultant’s Lyme was treated once, and he recovered once, then relapsed, his case fits into the highly contested “Chronic Lyme” stage. That’s the big black crack in the earth that swallows up lives and livlihoods and futures.

So his battle to pay for his therapy costs him what little energy he might have left to have a life. His life is lived in his little bedroom, with a big black cloud over his head. There’s no getting up with the mountain of medicine and debt on his back.

Well, I think Pete will get up, eventually, and I can’t wait to draw that cartoon.

If you’d like to help Pete fight his lyme, you can find him on Facebook.

And if you’d like to help everyone fight it, then put some money into research, will you? Follow the Donate link above to send money to the Columbia University Tick-borne research group?


7 thoughts on “Buried

  1. It makes me mad too. Thanks for using your talent to honor Pete’s journey. He’s such an amazing guy and has had such a tough time. Just the fact that you took time to immortalize him makes you pretty amazing too! Hope you are healing…

  2. Thanks for stopping in, KTag. Ink is therapy for me. And Pete’s story is one of those that really are turning the tide, I think. I see more research every day, our knowledge building and building. The real Pete is far more impressive, though.

  3. I can relate. Went without diagnosis and treatment for so many years. Did have the luck to be treated for Chlamydia Pneumoniae by a knowledgeable doctor. Must have affected the Lyme. Been off antibiotics since Jan 2011. Took 3 antibiotics for 5 yrs with some variations. The protocol is on this web site: http://www.cpnhelp.org
    Now working with a naturopath. Will see if this works.
    At least now I can live a mostly normal life.
    Have had some good luck boosting immune system with Transfer Factor, ImmunoPlus and Epicor. Did not get sick from respiratory infections this year.
    But the cost is pretty insane. Good thing I am still able to work.
    The latest thing I became aware of is the mold connection. Lyme alters immune response and about 25% of the population have a genetic defect in detoxing from mycotoxins. Every Lyme patient should look into this as it creates similar symptoms to Lyme.
    Check out http://www.survivingmold.com and Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker’s work. He has a book out by same title. Mold intrusion into our living and work spaces is rampant. It also triggers chemical sensitivities. My workplace roof leaked this year and I have mold reactions I’m dealing with.
    Love the drawings Julie. I am also an artist.

  4. Your description about getting this illness in your youth was so right on! Illness at any stage in life is a awful load to bear, but to have your youth robbed from you….
    All from a tick.
    I am touched by this picture, and am so grateful for you sharing your talent to help educate and support the lyme community.

    • Thanks, Jennifer. It’s slow but steady. I have a couple of young folk down the street from me, and kids up the hill from me. It seems I hear about a new case every couple of weeks or so. So upsetting.

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