Let’s not make a deal

Okay, so here’s the first cartoon with my new hair. Which is my lack of hair. I cut it off when it grew too thin, and I found it too depressing to keep wadding up handfuls of it with every shower. It just goes down the drain at this length.

Right, so this gag is about the really not great choices you get with a diagnosis of late, disseminated Lyme or chronic lyme or “post-lyme syndrome,” if you must. The point is, you have to educate yourself enough to choose, and any choice you make sucks. I could elaborate, but I’m not feeling verbal at the moment. And “sucks” does pretty much cover it nicely.


6 thoughts on “Let’s not make a deal

  1. 6 years in, 4 surgeries just so i could walk again, second time around with meds, still pos for borrelia and probably babs still too. erlichia, like you said, turned tail and ran with the first round of meds 5 years ago…

    i am pretty frustrated. i thought i’d have my life back by now. but here i am, still unable to work, it’s almost 10:30 am, and i’m in the bed. i have two good days and three tough one’s. STILL!!!!! crazy ain’t it?

    • I hear you aj. I keep wondering myself if I’m ever going to get it back together. This time of year, seeing the runners out there. That’s what really gets me. I want to be there.

  2. oh, that one kills me. i was a weightlifter. i could bench 125 lbs. i was thick, not thin, but boy was i fit! sigh. my hubby is a sporto. and a good sport, i might add. he’s ordered some parts to modify my little bicycle which i haven’t been able to ride since the surgeries, so i’m hopeful for that. i’m back on the pilates, and am able to do 18 minutes worth at a time!! whoo hoo. hubby and i are working toward the goal of playing softball together on a local league next season. i want. i really want. not even remotely possible now, but hey, a goal is a goal.

    did your doc tell you that you’ll probably only be able to manage at this point, never cure? mine is feeding me “reasonable positivity.” i’ll always be in maintenance phase. sigh. did you have any illnesses prior to lyme? i have hashimoto’s thyroiditis (40% or so of my mother’s family have autoimmune something or other) and he thinks that is part of why it hit me so hard…

    • Docs all think I can lick it, in time. They buck me up. I am Charlie Brown, leaving their office with ambitious recovery goals that are scrubbed the next day… Such an emotional roller coaster.

  3. I just discovered your blog and love it. I have late Lyme-a-palooza too, and I’m an aspiring Buddhist. I’ve also read Kabat-Zinn’s book and How to Be Sick.
    Keep drawing!

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