Just when I thought it was safe to get back in the water… I spent a day in the world and by the end of it was rocking a sore throat.

But the best part of that day, aside from the sunshine and peoplewatching, was auditing a class in graphic fiction being taught by a buddy of mine. It’s an ambitious class, covering a lot of ground, and I’m going to love it. We are reading, well, just about everybody, and working through Abel and Madden’s textbook, and one of Scott McCloud’s too.

One of my assignments is to keep a comic diary, which will feed this blog. But it might change the nature of it, too. Covering really interesting things like my cold, my work, and etc. I’ll keep the lyme-comics separable from the other stuff through categories. Fair?


2 thoughts on “Really?

  1. Hi Julie,
    Your new class sounds great…..please keep taking
    lotsa echinacea and vitamins and juices and go for that
    gusto. Your cartoons are such a trip~!
    We’ll learn with you…..THANKS!

    • Hi Sally!
      I’m being so good, I sometimes think that’s what nauseates me. I’ve become nauseatingly good. Poor Jack is suffering my goodness too. One of these days when I hand him a spinach smoothie, I’m going to see green walls…

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