Piebald is the New Black

The hair loss is a steady thing. My Modern Chinese Medicine doc says it’s a by-product of vasculitis, a common Lyme symptom that can crop up anywhere. But even as old hair loses its grip, new hair is coming in. Before long, I’ll have some pretty funky tresses. Meantime exploring the world of volumizing hair products.

Just when I think I’ve got a handle on all the symptoms Lyme is going to give me, I get something new. I think I’m about to have to admit that Western Medicine has done all it can for me. I’ve about spent down their stock of antibiotics, each one bringing on a side-effect that means I have to stop. I’m so close to the finish line, with my brain getting better every day, and my hips and knees and feet downright serviceable over the past week.

Thank god for the herbal protocol. I see that I’ll be putting my money on that horse. Having run out of horses….


4 thoughts on “Piebald is the New Black

  1. So happy you’re having such good results with the Chinese meds. Your brain getting better is awesome.

    I’m about to drop the abx too. Still having some really bad days but the overall trend on the herbage is extremely encouraging.

    Wow, hair loss; I didn’t know. That sucks. Glad it’s coming back!

    • Well, I thought so, Deb, but then another big three-day headache and more hair everywhere. So I just hacked it off. I’m prone to this hair hacking behavior, so it isn’t dramatic. Now I have to decide if my cartoon charachter will lose her hair too. Hmm…

  2. hi can you email me more about the chinese treatment? Got a friend with neuroboreliossis. After a years of antybiotics his body cannot longer cope with it and we probably loosing him:( thx emi

    • This is sad stuff. Check your email. Also for everybody else… I learned about Dr. Quincai Zhang from reading Dr. Andrew Weil’s blog. Drweil.com has been a steady source of great help to me ever since it first launched, helping me to find the right resources and avoid a lot of unnecessary medical expense by using simple, less toxic substances to treat the easy stuff. For Lyme, he recommends Modern Chinese Medicine, and Dr. Zhang in particular. You can order his book on Amazon, which clearly describes the herbs he uses. He’s located in New York, but will work with you by phone, and his protocol can be used as an adjunct to Western medicine — i.e. antibiotic therapy. Here’s how to find him: http://www.sinomedresearch.org/drz.htm

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