I’m very good at magical thinking. I like to imagine that all my tissues are healthy, my immune system is intact. Yeah, I might have a little bug or two, but that’s never stopped me before. What’s a few bacteria to a healthy girl like me?

But then some nasty symptom pulls me underwater by the ankles, and I have to face facts. My organs are not functioning properly, because they are diseased. I am diseased. The pathogens are traveling freely throughout my body. I can’t do my old job until I finish my new job: getting well. My new identity: Lyme Patient.

Damn! If I had to have a disease, does it really have to be Lyme? Really?

The characters are multiplying in my little comic. I’ve named the little ginger-jar-kitty-thing Chachky, my highly symptomatic Lymie. Cute, but not functional. Just another thing you have to dust. Nebby is a nervous little warbler with a nasty habit of telling the truth when you don’t want to hear it. Nebby lacks empathy. An itty bitty psychopath. Then there’s the buck. The buck. Hmmm… What about him?


2 thoughts on “Meeting

  1. here’s to us, sister….i too am dealing with lyme jello [brilliant name and art, btw]…waiting for test “results” on antibodies while i develop my own anti->body! get it? get it??

    thanks for writing about this bitch of a disease. looks like i will be joining you after almost 10 yrs of being sick with everything but …. let’s see, i can’t think of a dx i haven’t had!

    i plan to bitch and moan to the rooftops on my “art blog” now that i can’t get up the stairs to make art anyway… i figure why not? there’s a few reading, maybe i will put a jar out and get a few bucks to help me pay the medical bills Blue Shield says i shouldn’t have since i’m not sick…huh? and even tho they just raised their f!#@$&king premium on us “old folks” to $1800 a month…

    well, the stupid disease isn’t really real so what am i complaining about…is it? IS IT?!

    i could go on but i am trying to take a bath, three days later….oh, AND go to the bathroom…oh AND…

    • Hey Linda, I’m just figuring out that I can respond to comments. Duh. I know. I know. Very slow. Very slow.

      I really laughed at your comment. I can start trying to take a bath at 8 a.m. and get to 8 p.m. before I really make it into the tub. ADHD folks can stand aside when a Lymie enters the room. We can get lost on tangents whose tangents have tangents of their own. Crazy.

      Let’s see that art, lady.

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