Lymejello, Join or Die

With apologies to Ben Franklin and those who admire him… I know some day we’ll gather forces to help people recover from Lyme disease. I also know it won’t likely be in my lifetime.

For my friends who haven’t read up on the fractious relationships that make up the lyme community, the player acronyms here are:

CAM — Complementary and Alternative Medicine
ILADS — International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society
IDSA — Infectious Diseases Society of America
CDC — Center for Disease Control

(Redrawn 09/28/2010)

Creative Commons Liscensing


2 thoughts on “Lymejello, Join or Die

  1. Recent interview with Essayist Dinty Moore – he talks about the way in which art makes us feel more alive – the way we are drawn to it because of our hunger and drive to understand “rather than merely being dragged along by circumstances beyond our control.” Thank you for your Borrelia blah, blah, blah. You are always teaching me how to deal with life JuJu.

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